Mazda RX8 build

Hewland sgt sequential.

Front lower wishbones modded for more castor and spherical bearings fitted on inner joints and bottom damper mount.

Front subframe, wishbones and 'blade' adjustable anti roll bar.

AP 6 pots, brembo 4 pots mounted up with bells and flaoting discs.

Single skin carbon nightmare doors!

Solid mounting Differential to rear subframe.

Rear subframe solid mounted and moved up into the car.

Rear 'blade' adjustable anti roll bar.

Engine mounts.

Modding a weber down draught inlet for injection and adding a plenum and throttle body.

Mounting the seat and steering column.

Bias adjustable pedal box to accept AP bulkhead mount cylinders.

Mocking up for turbo position and manifold.

Turbo manifold, down pipe, wastegate and mk1 ti turbo steadies.

mk2 turbo steady.

Martin's Knob on mk1 gearbox bracket.

Swirl pot, pump, filter and housing.

Re-mounting 2 standard in tank pumps to get rid of the complicated internal swirl/baffle set up and variable rate fuel pump.

Intercooler and rad piping and mounting.

Dashboard and mk2 gear lever mounting pivot.

Adjustable ARB levers.

Syvecs mounted up.

Housing for race technology dash and switch gear.

Mounting up mini alternator, pace twin stage BG scavenge pump and sump.