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Negative camber front hubs £140

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We can modify peugeot,citreon and other front hubs to give any amount of negative camber you require, as well as adapting 306 16mm hubs to fit 205/309s. Hubs can now be machined with or without the wheel bearing in situ. The price shown is for machining and sleeving a 205/306 hub and is not exchange. We may sometimes have hubs available to buy outright, just ask.


Negative camber rear arms £175

Machining of your trailing arms and fitting of new EN24T stub axles to give –3 degrees of negative camber and 0 or 20mins of toe in. This can be done to 205/306/309/xsara/zx/106/saxo arms. Varying amounts of camber and toe are available at extra cost, please call to discuss your requirements.
The price shown is for modifying your arms but we may at times have arms that can be bought outright or supplied on an exchange basis.


'Ovaled' hub repairs £40 per hub

Owners of older Peugeots will be very familiar with the increasingly common problem of ovaled bottom ball joint holes in hubs/uprights. Caused by over tightening,under tightening,incorrect fitting and removal of bottom ball joints as well as general abuse.
The repair consists of re-machining the BBJ hole and the fitting of a split steel sleeve.


Piston machining from £100

Picture shows a gti6 piston with enlarged cut outs to allow the fitment of aftermarket cams. We can machine most pistons in this way, usually without removing the rod. The price shown is for machining the cut outs 1mm deeper on a set of 4 gti6 pistons.